on this life has been a constant affirmation you have to work a immortal brings joy exceptional, but must be memories that we write ourselves is done with so many temptations, time of day the state in which everyone and I find it to be very difficult in (guernica) increases has closed because it is the paint that serve me god when i paint, i have the impression of just starting to see things see them in a brand new light carrier of revelation scene has the same effect, as to look at things through a enchanted glasses for sure stirred we can always add words a painting we can dream before a day array obviously serves some spouting when i can bring.

well I create a kind of sympathy between him and me that I represent surely in my work it’s basically a marriage sentimental between two people the spirit that is then there is a feeling a particular poetry which just added to the likeness of the individual and who is not essential to helped fund from being seen, this thin who can give me a rationale for my life but it seems to me that I haven’t still approached what I had to say this is not perfect they will still seek to work always said and thought that maybe i could still achieve dreams is that it is not entirely clear for myself even before, because we don’t don’t know what’s going on there is the game over time it takes a game to them for spectators painting for a painter is a one poetic experience the essential virtue of a painting is to establish.

The painter ?

The one who paints it as for the one who looks at her from relationships with the world in which they live it’s forced to think about this, is if that can bring reflections i will be much better satisfies him you know create some kind of school i’am a bit like a concrete mixer you know everything we are from time to time it’s something unique and like all the mystery for me personally painting, it’s poetry when you’re in possession of his means of expression.

work thoroughly thoroughly thoroughly not having things in hand on equipment you have to correct info and notices world with courage with stormy.