duet singing ?

Singing can be defined as one of the vocal arts that are fundamentally based on the human voice through some techniques that help a person to express the sound in a different aesthetic through regular speech, and among the techniques that practitioners of this human art use to show their sounds aesthetically and improve them filling the lungs with air, and prolong Breathing

moving the tongue, lips, and some parts of the head in order to amplify some of the letters or thin them to produce the pronounced words in a more beautiful way, and there are many types of singing and some arts related to lyric art, including the art of duet, and the question that arises: What is the art of the father Weto? What distinguishes it from other lyrical arts? In this article, the question will be answered: What is the art of the duet.

Art The Duet singing ?

The Duet singing is that it is one of the participatory lyric arts that is in the form of a lyric or musical dialogue between two practitioners of singing or the art of playing musical instruments, especially the piano, and in this lyric art for each of the parties to the two Lyrical or musical is a specific role that sings or plays singly on its partner, and the most prominent thing that helps lyric or musical tracks succeed in the art of duet is the presence of harmony and harmony between the vocal performers or playlists, as this helps the musical or lyrical composition appear with a great amount of phonemic harmony And no C as if the duo leading to this musical art sound one. In answer to the question: What is the art of duet

it must be noted that the art of duet was common in the Renaissance, as this lyric art was used in a large way in that era, so that the art of duet is one of the most prominent features of music in the Renaissance, as well as This participatory lyric art is closely intertwined with the art of opera, as this lyric art was commonly used in the role of opera in the sixteenth century AD, as was its use in the seventeenth century AD, specifically in Italy and in some regions of France, and one of the most prominent ideas that the art of duet was established In that period the idea of ​​love, unity after conflict, and tragedies Humanity, and revenge.