what is poetry ?

i believe poetry are dreams of good quality is the art of dreaming and make you dream too finally poetry is a fluid that does not exchange for poet but all world is poet the epeule of Senegal define the poetry of the lyrics pleasant to the heart and to the ear to Africa poetry and the most complete art is the most expressive language that passes through the senses to go up there to me poetry is not something cut life so for me this is the full reality finally this is reality who understands existence and this essence of vicky that simmers at the bottom of we obviously poets are people who work on words and who that keep them alive while the words in everyday life in the daily conversation fall asleep scleroses poetry it’s something that we have this I think a poem and of a work of art there are no two works of art without requiring real knowledge of a language is a language subject

I also like a certain music a movement a breathing in the glass in the language of the bastards sales solar this threaten but let them soil solar on this salvation from satin poetry pharand of a sensation for me poetry is maybe describing us from describe our life our daily life but as if we shifted it a little bit in putting words with a word order which change from what we usually do we try to make things look pretty who however are very close to us and, very very common but necessary it is my free zone this is my zone of the full freedom the novel imposing a report locks you up in the real and in the outside then that.

Who is the poet ?

poet is not a pickup around you it’s a pickup interior it was a discovery constant each in his own way of expressing poetry but I believe in all poems in any poet there is a volunteer the furiously passionate engagement of the truth and in a poem you can tell all the truths the whole truth well this is the marriage of the conscious and of the unconscious and its caribou nuptials is weird isn’t it monsters who are the monster hours

sometimes exquisite heavy doing action the mayors of all creatures she is the animator of time to live poetry stsi the creation of Cree language of language you will be a poet a point this is everything i invent ray for you the rose under the porch of lovers who have no others here their arms.