what is Photography ?

It is photography, that is, optical, and it is a Greek word that means writing with light. The process of photography is the production of image through light effects. photographer at the Grenoble museum, the museum has over 25 thousand works much of my work is to photograph them it was photos can be used for research scientific and enrich the base of data for media communication like catalogs and press kits website etc for large paintings, i go to room with shooting equipment whereas for the smaller formats have picked them up without bringing them in studio to avoid a lot of manipulations, i use for this type of job a box with a medium format sensor which reproduce images in very high definition, the essential in the case of a painting photography this is the preparation of the shooting it is necessary a balanced light I often use so flash torches is equal – flash made to measure light intensity, i often use queues polarizing to avoid reflections and the brilliant on the paintings using of an electronic level.

i make sure that the housing sensor is fine parallel to the board to avoid any distortion of perspectives the gray chart serves as software for treatments that measure the balance of white, which allows to have a color matching to the original the shot only represents the half, the working time of a photographer the rest is devoted to development and back to IT is output file being exclusively in euros joe torre use software of development an essential step for finality, the image and making it available to different supports.

Who is the photographer ?

In short He is the one who takes pictures. He uses photography to make money or just as amateur photographers do where they take photos of fun and record the event, passion, location, or anyone.