What is origami art ?

origami is a Japanese word that means paper folding, and art of origami is the art of forming paper in the form of various forms and beautiful decorations, and paper folding techniques are limited techniques, but creativity lies in shaping this paper and sailing in the world of imagination and formation and making various forms such as animals, birds, plants and decorations And pictures of plastic arts, and origami art of Japanese culture, an ancient amusement that started in 700 AD with the advent of paper in Japan, in which it formed decorations for religious places, then the use of paper spread in messages and gifts, and its popularity increased in all cities of Japan until it became taught in schools, and still taught to the The current time, with the spread of the means of communication And the ease with which people can learn about cultures around the world, this art has spread in many countries and many humanitarian organizations have adopted projects concerned with teaching origami art for children due to the great importance of this art for children.

the process of folding the paper is done by taking a sheet of paper in any shape and folding it with several folds and using it for shaping. It is possible to resort to cutting paper if necessary, this method was adopted in Japan, but modern origami art follows more strict rules, as only square paper is folded, colored in two different colors for each A face and the paper must not be cut during formation, and there are those who use a special needle and glue to wrap the paper and fix it. Origami is characterized by simplicity, but it needs the real desire to work, patience, and time to make creative works.

Uses of origami art ,

The color of paper folding has not changed much since its appearance and its use to decorate religious places and book covers, but these days it has turned into a distinct advertising and marketing medium, and people have increased knowledge of what is origami art and its use to design the corporate and institutional logo or decorate the walls of homes or to communicate a meaningful idea, as well as It can be presented as a distinctive gift, and many names have emerged in this field. Their paintings, which spread thanks to the Internet, are distinguished by their craftsmanship, bright harmonious colors and creative forms, and increased competitiveness in this field, and thus the claim of intellectual property rights to their works.

famous names ,

Among the most famous names that have emerged in this art is artist Yulia Prodskaya from Russia, who, after obtaining her master’s degree in graphics, started creating works using the art of origami that dazzled the world. To communicate the idea of ​​what origami art is and its uses in a distinctive practical way.