what is Drama in ATR ?

Drama is a frequently used word, especially at the present time, due to the proliferation of dramas of various kinds, and some wonder about the definition of drama, as the definition of drama in glossary of meanings is a story of an aspect of human life presented by actors who imitate the indigenous people in their clothing, words and deeds, but as for Definition of drama in the surrounding dictionary: poetic or prose compositions that provide story dialogue that deals with an aspect of human life and is often designed For display on stage or screen, and it may be an ethical or social drama. As for the definition of drama in general, it is one of the types of literary texts performed in cinema, television, theater or radio, and its characters are embodied by professional actors.

Old means work. The drama in ancient Rome was the literature that was read on the stage, where the performance was improvised without relying on any Texts, and the drama is keen to pay attention to human interaction, often accompanied by music and singing, and opera is also known to interfere in the definition of drama, and according to the Greek concept, the drama is divided into three sections, namely: Comedy or comedy: a performance that causes laughter, and is represented by the mask Laughing white. Tragedy or tragedy: the opposite of comedy, a performance that causes sadness, and is represented by the crying black mask. Tragicomedy Dharma: lies between tragedy and comedy, as it relies on legend stories, and in general deals with legendary characters, some of which are cynical and some are crying, and black comedies of some types can be included under this evening.