what is graphic art ?

In the definition of graphic art, it can be said that the term is a term that comes from the term Kravixo in Greek civilization, and this term means writing or drawing, and this definition is the basis of the definition of traditional graphic art, and graphic art can be defined as a group of fine and applied arts, which employ or use techniques that Connect written, drawn, or printed images to flat surfaces, such as : Paper, cloth, panels, or walls.

graphic and design art,

This art also includes the design or arrangement of graphic elements – font, shape, contrast, rhythm, texture, and color – in books, advertisements, advertisements, movie titles, and the like, and some sources consider graphic art definition broad and ambiguous because it includes all the arts Two-dimensional such as: printing, calligraphy, graphic design, paint, and photography.

Basis of graphic art,

It is not possible to dwell on the definition of graphic art without mentioning its historical basis, the art of drawing began as a result of the need for people to communicate with each other, before the development of the written language, as people used images and symbols to express ideas, and merchants found that the signs that use images to show products that they speak all the languages he encountered along the way, but he certainly could recognize products .