what is cut in the eyes of art ?

Handicrafts Before answering a question, What is the art of cutting handicrafts must be defined, since handicrafts are a variety of works through which useful or decorative materials can be manufactured, entirely made by hand, or using only simple tools, and handicrafts are a major sector Traditional in general, it includes a wide range of creative and design activities associated with handcrafting using handcraft, including working with textiles, mold able materials, solids, paper, vegetable fibers…

what is the different between decoupage and cutting ?

Returning to the question: What is the art of cut, it can be said that the art of cut is one of the types of arts or crafts based on cutting and re-coordinating things, and if the question: What is the art of cut, refers to the verbal aspect, it can be said that the art of decoupage means the art of cutting Or cutting, which is derived from a French word for decouple, and the reason for calling it this name is because it is an art that relies on cutting leaves and pasting the cut parts, to imitate or show a certain drawing on a specific surface, such as wood, metal or glass.