What is music, exactly ?

Music is the art of arranging sounds together by playing with each of their parameters, these parameters are as follows: pitch;his stamp;its duration…, its intensity, that is to say its sound volume.
The pitch corresponds to the vibration frequency which allows the production of sound. So yes, there too, we must explain …
A sound is simply a wave that propagates through the air, and to produce this wave, you have to make something vibrate, Either a rope, a membrane or a metal style material, or lips, reeds, etc …
The faster these things vibrate, the higher the sound will be,the more it vibrates slowly, well, the more serious it will be.
The standard Do 3, for example, which is in the middle of a piano keyboard, well it’s a wave of 262 hertz, The just above vibrates at 440 Hz. it is this frequency that we hear when a telephone rings busy.

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actually uh the ringing of subways sometimes, it’s, well it’s two notes that are separated by a half.
Jacques-René Anecdote say The timbre is the quality of a sound, what it looks like, what defines it … for example: I played the same note every time, so the sound was vibrating at the same frequency,however, we did not hear the same thing.

Well, that’s due to the fact that we don’t have just one wave that is produced,but many, which vibrate at different frequencies, and that is called harmonics.So, since I’m a little lazy,but mainly because a friend made a very clear video on it,you can interrupt mine now to go see it, there is only one parameter left that can be varied: the duration of a sound, suddenly, it corresponds to the time it will last.

The only thing we can say about it is how to write the different duration of the sounds,and this is one of the essential points that we will see throughout this series.

The fourth point,

The intensity of the sound.It corresponds to the force with which it will be emitted,whether he is strong or not strong. And if we come back to our wave stories,well, it simply corresponds to the amplitude of our wave. If the top of the bumps is high, the sound will be loud …
That’s it that’s all…